dying osc

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dying osc

Postby shellyruby on Tue May 17, 2011 2:52 pm

hi all.
sorry i havnt been able to introduce myself to the board..this is my first emergency post.
my oscar red is about 2 years old..he is in a 6 foot tank with his oscar tank mate choco..3 weeks ago they both had a small amount of hith..i assume they got this as we had a water spike due to us overfeeding them...they like to jump out of the water and beg for food and we made mistakes over feeding altho weve not had a spike before in the 2 years weve had them..
did lots of changes and quite quickly got the tank back to normal.we medicated with octazin and reds hith more or less went..he had 2 holes..choc has a fair few more but was happy and eating...red was at this point..
the last 5 days he hasnt eaten..the last 2 days hes been lying at the bottom of the tank gasping but he will move if you put your hand near him..
its been almost 2 weeks since we used the meds and we did the usual after medicating and the water parameters were showing fine and today they are 0ppm amonia and o for both nitrates...
went back to lfs today and owner said you can try waterlife myazin for bacterial infections as we cant see any physical signs on him.
we put in a dose tonight but dont think we can save him..cant bear to see him like this in the tank..if he does survive how long will these meds take to work..shop owner was saying about parasites from hith or internal infections..is it a possibility that these meds could save him...hes on his side and choc his mate is staying right next to him and hes fine but also concerned he could get whatever red got.
any advice welcome..thank you so much
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Re: dying osc

Postby Barb Okla on Thu May 26, 2011 10:36 pm

POST back if he is stil alive.

HITH is a parasite that gets into their gut and causes problems.. the deteriation pits U see are a sign of bad water/dirty filter and not the right OR to much food..
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Re: dying osc

Postby Opalsurisa on Thu May 04, 2017 2:24 am

This is a new knowledge for me after reading through it. It is very useful. And can be used.
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