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Postby Snakebitten on Mon Apr 03, 2017 12:51 pm

Hello everyone. I'm new and have a question that I hope I can get answered. My cousins son has a turtle tank with 3 Mbunas among a few Minnows and one Danio. So far the turtle totally ignores all the cichlids after initially chasing them when they were first put in tank. Turtle devours the Minnows which is what I was hoping would happen so he would not go after the cichlids. Its been 4 months now and turtle does not bother the cichlids at all. They even eat within mm of each other and no desire for the red eared slider to eat them. What happened 4 months later we did not expect.

The electric yellow Mbuna and blue stripped Mbuna apparently mated. We noticed the yellow female looking like she had swallowed something too big and her jaw looked funny and she did not open her mouth at all. Started doing some strange movements with the blue one etc. The same day we noticed the change in her appearance from the night before I figured out from internet searches that she may be "holding". I immediately got a 10 gallon tank the next day and put her in it by herself with a rock for her to hide in. She did not eat at all for these two days.

The third day she came out of hiding in the rock ate a few pieces of cichlid flakes but did not eat anymore. We are wondering if she was "holding" now since from what we read they don't eat until the fry are hatched.

Question 1.
Did we take her out too fast before the male fertilized the eggs?

Question 2.
Did we lose the fry since she is now barely eating?

Question 3.
Do we need to put the male in the 10 gallon tank with her to make sure the eggs are fertilized?

First time cichlid owners. Thanks for your help.
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